Every journey begins with a single step.

Léa Lindsay received a Bachelor's in History from the University of Ottawa but soon after realized that she wasn't living her passion. She turned her lifelong hobby into a career by becoming a Certified Personal Training Specialist and an Older Adult Specialist through CanFitPro, as well as a level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition. Léa now has over 8 years experience working with a wide variety of populations through many different fitness domains including weight loss, strength and conditioning, injury prevention, wellness coaching, and endurance training. Léa has been involved in the fitness industry throughout her life including training for gymnastics, martial arts, competitive cheerleading, dance, and multiple runs for various charities.

She currently enjoys training to keep up with her 2 busy boys and working to keep her body ready for any new challenges that come her way. When it comes to her clients she enjoys challenging them with fun and exciting workouts to get them started on the right track while keeping them motivated to continue.

Léa will be right by your side, motivating and cheering you on through your fitness and health journey. And like you, Léa is committed to your goals.

Come for a free consultation to see how Léa can get you started on your path to success!

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