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You should feel good in your body!

Hi, I’m Léa Lindsay - your trainer, I feel so lucky to spend every day helping people feel amazing. Over the last 10 years my clients have worked hard to be able to move with strength and confidence. When your body is balanced and flexible you can live a life with minimal pain and maximum opportunities!

As a mom of two busy little boys, I understand how hard it is to get time to work out, but it’s so important for you to get back to exercise with an expert who understands what postpartum bodies need. My Postnatal Fitness Certification allows me to help my clients realign their bodies and strengthen their pelvic floor to stop leaking. No matter how far postpartum you are (10 months or 10 years) there’s always a lot we can do to get your strength back.

My clients who have just become grandparents love how their improved energy levels and ability to move around easily and without pain (especially down on the floor) let them enjoy playing with their grandchildren. Thanks to my Older Adult Fitness Certification we can focus on improved range of motion and endurance to keep you mobile for the long term.


  • Personal Training Specialist

  • Postnatal Fitness Specialist

  • Precision Nutrition Coach

  • Nutrition and Wellness Specialist

  • Older Adult Fitness Specialist

  • CPR & AED

  • In progress: Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist

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