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Lea has changed my life in so many ways! Our relationship started a few years back when I had signed up at a gym and had no idea what I was doing. I purchased a few short term sessions and I was hooked! She taught me so many things and brought me to the point where I was confident using weight machines in a gym but I still knew I had so much to learn.

So, as soon as I was able to afford it I purchased sessions to last me 6 months and off I went!! I was stressed with work but sincerely looked forward to our time together. Lea helped me with more than just having a killer body she also helped me learn to deal with stress, improve my confidence and she is still one of the most amazing friends I have! Did I mention she is still my trainer to this day?!

Lea even inspired me to become a personal trainer! I now run my own personal training business on my own which was something I had in the back of my mind since we first starting training together and she helped me with that push and support I needed! She was even my "client" during my practical exam! Without her I would have never had the confidence and courage to do what my heart truly desired and I will be forever grateful to have her in my life!

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